• Over 30 years experience in originating and developing oil and gas prospects, oil and gas operations, engineering, land, legal, environmental and regulatory matters
  • Executive management experience in upstream and mid-stream operations
  • Extensive experience in M&A due diligence, distressed property analysis and advisory services
  • Experienced in negotiating and drafting Operating Agreements, MSA's, gas gathering, processing and sale agreements, and other industry agreements
  • Experienced in oil and gas insurance, hedging, accounting, well economics, reserve reports oil gas operations contract operations



Twisted Oak's principals have been involved in the drilling, development and operation of oil and gas wells and midstream assets for over 30 years.   In addition to drilling and operating its own prospects, Twisted Oak also provides contract operating services to third parties.  

Twisted Oak’s principals have originated prospects, managed thousands of oil and gas wells and related gas gathering systems, amine processing units, and other operating assets.   The team's operating experience includes vertical and horizontal wells, coal bed methane operations, and operations on federal, state and Indian lands. The company has been operating oil and gas wells in Oklahoma and other states since 2007. 

Oil and Gas Operations - Twisted Oak has experience in the planning, drilling and completion of oil and gas wells, as well as the installation and operation of tank batteries, gas gathering systems, saltwater disposal systems, and related infrastructure.  Twisted Oak also has substantial experience in the day-to-day operations of oil and gas wells, including the following

  • Well design and planning
  • Permitting (Federal, Indian and non-Indian leases)
  • Site preparation and surveying
  • Negotiation and preparation of JOA’s, leases, surface agreements, drilling contracts, MSA’s and other oil and gas contracts.
  • Drilling (engineering) supervision
  • Completion design and execution
  • Artificial lift, tank battery and related infrastructure installation and operation
  • Gas gathering and compression installation and operation
  • Bookkeeping, financial accounting and governmental reporting
  • Revenue receipts, distribution and JIB accounting
  • Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plans
  • Archaeological and Endangered Species surveys
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Electronic Submersible Pumps (ESPs)
  • Annual Sara Title 3 Tier II reports

 Due Diligence and Distressed Properties - Twisted Oak’s team also has substantial experience in performing due diligence on a variety of oil and gas properties of all sizes, and in analyzing distressed oil and gas assets.  This includes land and legal analysis, production operations, mid-stream operations, and environmental review.  Twisted Oak’s team has also provided technical assistance and advisory services to banks in evaluating distressed properties and in developing strategies to restructure and turn around distressed properties.

About Us - Management



Jim Allen - President

Mr. Allen has been involved in all aspects of the company’s drilling operations and day-to-day operations.  Mr. Allen initially provided consulting services to the company as a drilling and operations engineer, and was subsequently hired as an executive officer in charge of all of the company’s drilling operations and daily well operations.  As a drilling engineer, Mr. Allen has extensive experience in planning and drilling both vertical and horizontal wells.  He also has experience in planning, installing and operating tank batteries and other production related equipment, including separators, heater treaters, pumping units, flow lines, tanks and other related equipment.  Mr. Allen also has experience in managing, drilling and operating saltwater disposal wells.


During the last ten years, Mr. Allen has drilled and operated wells in Kansas, Oklahoma and Michigan on behalf of the company. During such time, he has been involved in the complete development and operation of several oil and gas fields in Oklahoma and southern Kansas.  In managing these projects, Mr. Allen supervised the drilling of all wells, the installation of all surface-related production equipment, flow lines, remote monitoring equipment, and saltwater disposal systems.  He also managed the day-to-day operation of all facilities. Mr. Allen has experience in the preparation of Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans, archeological assessments, Environmental Assessments, and other oil and gas related environmental requirements.  He also has experience in the preparation of annual reserve reports, including coordination with outside reservoir engineering firms.

Prior to joining the company, Mr. Allen worked as a drilling and production engineer for Conoco from 1984 until 1993. Thereafter, he was a principal at Red Rock Resources, Inc., an Oklahoma based exploration and production company.  While at Red Rock, he was responsible for supervising engineering and operations aspects for the company.  Mr. Allen holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Oklahoma.

Jay Jimerson – Vice President 

Mr. Jimerson is a licensed oil and gas attorney who has over 20 years of experience in managing upstream and midstream oil and gas assets.  He is responsible for all of Twisted Oak’s land, legal, regulatory, insurance, hedging, and contract administration matters.  From 1984 until 1996, Mr. Jimerson was a member of the Oklahoma City law firm of Mock, Schwabe, Waldo, Elder, Reeves & Bryant. While in private practice, Mr. Jimerson practiced in the areas of oil and gas state regulation, oil and gas litigation, gas marketing and transportation, and underground natural gas storage development and operation. He has experience in a variety of energy related areas, including well permitting and drilling, land and legal, acquisitions and finance, oil and gas marketing and hedging, insurance and environmental matters.

In 1996, Mr. Jimerson became general counsel, managing director and a principal of eCORP, LLC, a privately held energy company based in Houston, Texas.  While at eCORP, Mr. Jimerson was involved in the development and marketing of underground natural gas storage assets and other energy related assets. He has substantial experience with respect to state and federal permitting and development of natural gas storage and transportation assets.

In 2005, Mr. Jimerson joined Cardinal River Energy as Executive Vice President where he was responsible for all land, legal, regulatory, risk management (hedging), environmental compliance, and insurance matters.  Mr. Jimerson later became President of the company and assumed responsibility for all aspects of the company’s business.  During this time, he was also a Manager of CRECO Operating, LLC (now Twisted Oak Operating).  In 2016, Mr. Jimerson became the President of River Rock Energy Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cardinal River Energy.  During his term at River Rock Energy, the company owned and operated over 2,500 oil and gas wells, with over 2300 miles of gas gathering and gas processing assets.  

Mr. Jimerson has been the past President of the Mineral Law Section of the Oklahoma Bar Association. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (with distinction) from the University of Oklahoma, a Juris Doctor Degree (with honors) from the University of Oklahoma School of Law, and is a graduate of the Harvard Business School Owner/President Management Program. He is also a past Chairman of the Advisory Board of the OU Price Business College Energy Institute.

Tracy Allen – Accounting 


Mrs. Allen has over 20 years of experience in oil and gas accounting matters.  Prior to joining the company, Mrs. Allen  spent two years with Marlin Oil Corporation, an Oklahoma based oil and gas operator that operated over 150 wells in Oklahoma and Texas.  While working at Marlin Oil Corp., Mrs. Allen was responsible for all JIB accounting functions.  In addition to her work at Marlin Oil Corp., Mrs. Allen has also been responsible for all revenue and expense accounting matters for Red Rock Resources, LLC a family owned Oklahoma based operator of oil and gas wells.  At RedRock Resources, Mrs. Allen became very proficient in the use of the SSI Oil and Gas Accounting System.

Since joining Twisting Oak, Mrs. Allen has been responsible for a variety of accounting related functions, including the entry of all revenue and expense data in the company’s SSI Accounting System. She has many years of experience in the following areas:

  • Revenue data entry
  • Expense classification and data entry
  • Payroll
  • Payroll taxes
  • 401(k) contributions and account maintenance and reporting
  • Joint Interest Billings
  • Revenue distribution


Although Mrs. Allen holds a petroleum engineering degree, she has spent most of her career working in the area of oil and gas accounting as described above.  However, she also has  experience in preparing reserve analyses.  Mrs. Allen received her BS in Petroleum Engineering from Marietta College.

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